Application Management Optimizer

Irrespective of e.g. CRM applications, SAP applications or HR applications- the operation needs to be standardized in order to ensure an optimal allocation of services/ applications.
The perfect function of all the applications is ensured in an organization when the support chain of level 1/2/3 is optimized and the responsibilities involved are clearly defined.
Potential cost savings are achieved by utilizing best possible near shoring and far shoring potential.

The application management optimizer includes:

▪ Detailed description of standardized application operations
▪ Framework contract for an optimized contract design with the suppliers
▪ Templates for a standardized application management
▪ Standardized reporting for optimized management of all support suppliers

When do our customers use application management optimizer?

For the application management, several external suppliers are required, however they need to work as per same standards
Off shoring of support issues are planned in order to achieve a cost efficient operation
Uniform contracts particularly KPIs are a mandatory requirement in order to manage the internal operation as also an external operation
In case of customers who are currently having issues in support delivery and want to structure the support with the help of clear structures / processes / templates

Customer example:

Evaluation of application management costs by utilizing all the relevant potentials (refer to graph).