Global Service Desk Planner

A perfectly functioning Service Desk is the best reference as well as a guarantor for a long lasting customer loyalty and customer relationship. The larger the IT organization is (e.g. number of employees, locations involved, external suppliers), the more standardized the first level support needs to be.

At the time of introduction of Global Service Desk, the following topics are important:

▪ Optimizing knowledge management (as a base for knowledge building for agents)
▪ Setting all possible measures for increasing “first call resolution rate”
▪ Optimization of service costs by considering near shoring models
▪ Clearly defined on boarding process for continuous integration of new topics in Global Service Desk
▪ Clearly described governance structure for collaboration with relevant stakeholders in countries
▪ Most of the time Service Desks are built individually or developed with the help of generic concepts/ frameworks (e.g. ITIL) in organizations at a huge cost. KPC offers a standard model for a time- optimized and cost optimized implementation of a Global Service Desk.

The global service desk planner includes:

▪ Service description with exact description of Global Service Desk
▪ Framework contract for an optimized contract design with Service Desk suppliers
▪ Templates for a standardized Service Desk operation
▪ Standardized reporting for optimized management

Customer example:

Evaluation of application management costs by using all relevant potentials (refer to graph)