The Contract Accelerator Suite

KPC Contract Accelerator reduces the effort to negotiate and to manage contracts with your strategic suppliers.

Are you familiar with these challenges?

Not enough know-how

More than 100 of new contracts every year – often written by suppliers with disadvantageous terms for customers


Every contract looks different and nobody has an overview what is written in these various contracts

Services are hard to find

Vendor Management is difficult based on completely different agreements and terms in the contracts

“Inefficient contracting causes firms to lose between 5% to 40% of value on a given deal”
(Harvard Business Review)

KPC Contract Accelerator Suite solves all these problems

KPC Contract Accelerators bundle content – that shall be included in every contract e.g. for software development or application management – on Contract Accelerator level. This content is applicable for all contracts / Statement of Works that are signed between customer and the selected strategic suppliers of the customer.

This approach enables many advantages as described below.

Advantages of a Contract Accelerator

Faster contracts with strategic suppliers 75%
Improved vendor management 65%
Cost reduction (up to 30 %) / Higher discounts 55%
Faster transition of accelerated contract 70%
Faster service delivery through standardisation 70%

KPC Contract Accelerators are available for various industries. The following example shows the Contract Accelerators created for the IT industry.

More information about the KPC Contract Accelerators can be found in the Contract Accelerator Whitepaper.

Whitepaper download

Contract Accelerator Suite List

These Contract Accelerators are offered in different Suite Models to support you in your contract standardization journey.

Contract Accelerator Application Support
Contract Accelerator Implementation Projects
Contract Accelerator Infrastructure Support
Contract Accelerator Global Service Desk
Contract Accelerator Online Curriculum
Contract Accelerator Tool Suite
Predefined Project implementation SOWs for typical Services
Predefined Application Support SOWs for typical Services
SOW requirements repository for further SOWs
For App. Support
Contract Accelerator IMAC / R (Onsite Support)
Contract Accelerator HW / SW Purchasing
Contracts as a Service per year
3 SOWs
5 SOWs
10 SOWs
25 SOWs

Contract Accelerator Tools to speed your standardization

Additionally, KPC offers solutions / tools to migrate your contracts from unstructured documents to digitally managed contract content. These digital contracts can be managed during the complete lifecycle of the contract.

  • The main advantages:
    Requirements are specified / improved by the SMEs (= Subject Matter Experts) in a modern online user interface
  • The SMEs get improvement ideas by the AI features in the tools and can involve experts for difficult questions via the collaboration features
  • Vendor Managers have always an overview about current status of all contracts / SOWs across the globe
  • SOWs to be negotiated are not sent to potential vendors as Word documents. Instead of that, every vendor can access the SOWs in an online tool and agree / adjust specified requirements for SOWs
  • Every supplier only sees the own changes proposed / agreed / rejected – no supplier sees the changes of other vendors in the tools
  • The contracts / SOWs are not Word documents anymore – instead of that, the contract content is managed online during the contract lifecycle.
  • Online managed contracts are negotiated significant faster and can easily managed across the contract lifecycle.

All your tenders clearly arranged with the SOW Manager

KPC Contract Accelerator Products

The Contract Accelerator Suite includes a various of methods, training documents, tools to make your contract journey to a success.




SOW Online
Creation Tool

SOW Improvement

SOW Online
Lifecycle Mgmt

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