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We support your company in service improvements, IT tenders and contracts as well as in global vendor management

Service improvement for continuous increase of user / customer satisfaction

We analyse the satisfaction of your end users and evaluate the user experience. In a second step, we improve the performance of your IT services and increase user satisfaction sustainably.

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Raise the creation and management of tenders to a new level

We will find the right partner for you, tailored to your requirements, and advise you in every phase of the procurement process. We are there for you from the invitation to tender, through contract negotiations and beyond to the conclusion of the contract.

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KPC Contract Accelerators as a link for (global) transformation

An average international service contract has 100 to 300 pages, contract negotiations usually last between six and twelve months. This means a considerable commitment of resources for all parties involved. We accelerate this process by up to 66% with our Contract Accelerator and reduce costs by up to 30%.

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Supplier consolidation as basis for effective vendor management

The management of vendor contracts is very labour-intensive. Contracts often have different regulations, control mechanisms, KPIs, etc. This means that all agreements must be monitored, evaluated and developed in different ways. This consumes a lot of time and hardly allows to realise cross-contract optimisation potentials. We optimise the performance of your vendor management.

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