Effective service improvement

Service improvement for continuous increase of user / customer satisfaction

Continuous improvements

IT services have a major impact on business processes. The larger the company, the more critical IT services can be identified. A continuous control and optimisation of these services ensures the ability of your company to act and react.

Process management at the highest level

A company is always evolving and so do IT services. The know-how for the optimisation process is usually lacking or there is simply no time to regularly devote to the processes in order to initiate changes.

We support you in IT service management and ensure that your IT services remain cost-effective and meet your company’s goals and standards. We determine measured values, carry out regular reviews, identify weak points and initiate measures to improve your services.

Evaluation of existing services

Inefficient service costs money and has a negative impact on the performance of your business. We analyse your IT services and check whether the services are delivered as agreed.

Benchmarking Services

Are there ways to provide services more effectively and at lower cost? Together, we evaluate alternative solution models.


You are satisfied with your IT services, but feel that they could be even better? But you do not know where to start? We can advise you with our expertise and get the best out of your services.

With our simulation game Simit, we identify important service improvements in a playful way (www.simit.at).

Net Promoter Score Analysis

The Net Promoter Score is a measure to determine the probability that a customer will recommend your company to others. Applied to your IT services, it provides you with a central benchmark value for satisfaction with IT services and committed contract partners.

Suitable tools for processes

We optimise your processes with commercially available tools - in particular, we use document management and ticketing solutions.

Continuous improvements

Improving services can be a very costly process. If potential for improvement is identified, we launch improvement initiatives and regularly evaluate the performance of the initiatives.

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