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KPC Contract Accelerators as a link for (global) transformation

Standardised and transparent

Even if all contracting parties are satisfied, gaps and imprecise wording can lead to additional high costs in retrospect. Inefficient contracts can reduce the benefits of service contracts. The KPC Contract Accelerators standardise your contract landscape.

The KPC Contract Accelerator

Our Contract Accelerators offer a standardised basic structure, which contains all agreements, terms and conditions, service and performance levels, as well as service prices required in each contract. These are negotiated and concluded with the strategic partners. This enables better control of the various vendors and comparison of their performance. It also allows you to change vendors faster and easier.

Specific performance agreements are recorded separately in a Statement for Work (SOW). Within 10 to 20 pages, a previously defined performance level is selected and only service-specific details are additionally specified. This reduces the time required for creation and negotiation as well as costs. The process is more transparent for both sides and improves your vendor relationships.

Flexible like the cloud

KPC Contract Accelerators lead to high flexibility and short lead times in IT service procurement. Services can be quickly agreed or terminated with strategic partners, thus increasing your agility in service delivery.

Shorter negotiations

The Contract Accelerator contains general information on legal matters, data protection, support models and prices. Once signed, all that remains to be done is to describe the specific scope of the service required in a SOW. This procedure reduces the procurement time by up to 66%.

Lower contract costs

The decision on a contract accelerator with a few strategic partners leads to higher price reductions and thus lower costs for the individual services.

Comparability of vendors

IT services are very extensive and diverse. We define a uniform service governance and service management and thus make your services easier to control and compare.

Standardised management

We standardise the service provision of your strategic partners company-wide across all IT service agreements. This simplifies the management of your vendors.

Easier change of vendors

The Contract Accelerator is concluded with several strategic vendors. This makes it easier for you to choose and enables you to decide more quickly on the best possible service partner.

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The Contract Accelerator is a revolutionary form of contract management. You can find more details about our Contract Accelerator here.

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