Managing vendors holistically

Supplier consolidation as basis for effective vendor management

The IT industrialisation

In the age of SaaS, IaaS and PaaS, not only service contracts are becoming more complex, but also the number and management of vendors is increasing. Good vendor management is not only helpful, but also necessary in order not to lose the overview, but also to identify inefficient contracts and renegotiate them.

Better overview thanks to vendor management

Outsourcing has many advantages and is a popular way of purchasing IT know-how at low cost. Many outsourcing projects are followed by many companies with whom you have to work together on a long-term basis. Inaccurate contracts, poorly chosen KPIs and insufficient communication with vendors reduce the performance of outsourced services tremendously.

The success of outsourcing therefore depends largely on the quality of the contracts and proactive vendor management. Large companies quickly lose track and pay for services that are no longer up to date or need to be renegotiated. With more efficient management, you can sustainably improve cooperation and relationships with your vendors. The KPC Contract Accelerator provides the optimal basis for this.

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Each initiative leads to a new type of treaty which is usually significantly different from the existing treaties. Each contract thus increases the complexity of vendor management. In global organisations this often leads to hundreds of different contracts. The KPC Contract Accelerators standardise these contracts and create the basis for uniform vendor management.

Improvement of relations

vendor relationships based solely on savings are counterproductive. Treating vendors as genuine partners helps to create value for the company and avoid risks.

Lower costs & Higher discounts

The more IT services are purchased, the more important it becomes to manage vendors. We support you in this process and reduce your management costs.

Innovation and development

Use the knowledge of your service partner. We provide you with a good communication platform, since your IT services can be further optimised through a lively exchange of information.

Measurability of vendors

The primary focus of vendor development is on optimising the performance level of the vendor portfolio and adapting it to changing conditions. We support you in this process.

Managing vendors globally

In globally active companies, the visibility of regional IT vendors on a global level is usually lacking. Therefore, uniform contract structures are of great importance to ensure a simple overview of the different initiatives.

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