Contract Accelerators for a Large Management Services Company 

Customer’s Profile:

The customer is a large food service and facility management company with with over 100,000 employees in over 50 countries worldwide.


Customer’s Requirements:

The customer’s IT organisations were highly decentralized and locally organized. As part of a global transformation strategy, the customer decided to gobalise its IT organisation.  As part of this initiative, the customer approached KPC to assist them with certain aspects of this global transformation.

KPC’s Solution:

KPC analysed the current delivery approach and reviewed the established contract management processes. On this basis, KPC initiated the development of a customer-specific Contract Accelerator that enables the customer to improve its contract management system to enable the global transformation initiative.

  • Initialisation KPC developed an overall picture for the Contract Accelerator for support and project services.
  • Implementation

KPC set up a customer-specific Contract Accelerator in alignment with the relevant departments such as IT, legal, data protection and security, etc. In the further course of implementation, KPC supported the negotiations with the suppliers and advised on the selection of future strategic suppliers.

Customer’s Benefits:

The KPC solution offered the customer the following advantages:

  • Insights to plan and drive its global transformation
  • Effective, efficient and improved contract management processes
  • Properly negotiated and signed Contract Accelerators

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